Top 10 foods Gluten is hidden in

If you have just been diagnosed with gluten intolerance, celiac disease or gluten allergies, you probably want to get rid of anything containing the protein composite in your kitchen cabinets. What most people do not know, however, is that many foods besides wheat based products contain gluten too.

People who have gluten intolerance often resort to salad diets, and while this is a good idea, it is important that you are careful about any salad dressings you use. Many products use gluten to achieve a pleasing level of thickness. Many gluten free salad dressings are now available in the market.

Many soups, regardless of whether they are readymade canned soups or in the form of powdered mixes use gluten so that they can get a perfect soupy texture. Many people enjoy putting Soy Sauce on their soup, but they do not know that this contains 40-60% wheat, which means that it is far from gluten-free.

Puddings and pie fillings rely heavily on wheat-based thickening products to set properly. Potatoes and whole corn offer safer alternatives for those suffering from gluten allergies. Another dessert that could potentially harm people who cannot consume gluten is ice cream if it has anything crunchy in it.

Processed meats contain various starches, which may contain gluten. Likewise, any ready-to-eat or fast foods are likely to contain gluten in one form or the other. People suffering from gluten allergies should stay away from breadcrumbs as well.

It is important to remember that virtually any product could have gluten in it. While gluten awareness is rising on a daily basis, people who suffer from gluten intolerance or allergies should be especially careful to read ingredients before consuming anything at all.

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