Eye Allergies

Allergies can take on many different shapes and forms. They may cause you to have a runny nose, they may make your throat feel closed up, they may even cause asthma, and they can give you itchy, red, watery eyes. People all react differently to the various allergens that we live with on a daily [...]

Stop Suffering From Spring Allergies

When spring rolls round people seem to pull out the tissues and start to look glum. This is because spring heralds the start of hay fever and a lot of people suffer from that particular affliction. There are some things that you can do to prevent or at least minimize the effect of your allergies [...]

Spring Is Here and So Are The Spring Allergies

Spring is a time for rebirth and renewal. The only problem is that along with natural rebirth and renewal comes pollen and along with pollen comes allergies. Let us take a look at some of the most common sources of hay fever causing pollens. Before we do that though, you should know that not all [...]

Hidden Sources of Mold

This time of year, mold allergies are a big problem for many people.  You can see big streaks of black mold on the sides of brick and concrete buildings and fences, and you can see it growing on tree trunks and bushes. Inside your home you may find mold growing in your bathroom or basement. [...]

Mold and Mildew Allergies

Another common allergen is molds and mildew. This is a type of fungi that live in warm and moist environments. They live both indoors and outdoors. Indoor molds commonly grow in dark, damp and poorly ventilated areas like the basements, clothes hampers, crawl space, under the kitchen sink and bathrooms. Outdoor molds can grow in [...]

Look What the Cat/Dog Dragged In

The other day a patient called because he thought he was developing an allergy to his cat.  I asked him to bring in some of his cat’s fur and tested him for cat allergies.  It turns out he wasn’t allergic to his cat … but to the mold attached to his cat’s fur. Cats love [...]