Look What the Cat/Dog Dragged In

The other day a patient called because he thought he was developing an allergy to his cat.  I asked him to bring in some of his cat’s fur and tested him for cat allergies.  It turns out he wasn’t allergic to his cat … but to the mold attached to his cat’s fur.

Cats love sniffing at stuff and some dogs can’t resist rolling in practically anything!  When they come back home, their fur may be covered with allergens of all types.

In the spring and summer they will bring in a variety of pollens. In fall and winter they will bring in mold and mildew. If you have an outdoor animal and suspect they may be dragging in allergens, here is an easy step to take.

Right as soon as your pet comes in … rub them down with a damp washcloth or towel.  Pay special attention to their “face” which has been sniffing everything! And wipe off their paws.  Your cat will be more cooperative if you use a nice warm to hot washcloth!

You may be heart broken at the thought of having to get rid of your pet … but before you take another step, be sure to try the BIE process first.  We will find out what you or your kids are allergic to … the BIE process works with all kinds of allergies, including pet allergies.

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