Eye Allergies

Allergies can take on many different shapes and forms. They may cause you to have a runny nose, they may make your throat feel closed up, they may even cause asthma, and they can give you itchy, red, watery eyes. People all react differently to the various allergens that we live with on a daily basis. The one thing that we all want is relief. Let us take a closer look at eye allergies.

Eye Allergies


Eye allergies are sometimes referred to as allergic conjunctivitis. The conjunctiva is the membrane lining of the eye and conjunctivitis is the swelling of the membrane lining. It can be caused by a lot of things, not just allergies, but we are looking at the form of conjunctivitis that is caused by an allergic reaction.

The general symptoms of this allergic reaction are red eyes, dilatation of the blood vessels on the surface of the eye, an intense itching or burning sensation, swollen or puffy eyelids, watering eyes and, in some people, a discharge from the eye. You may also find that you are sensitive to light and you may also see some signs of eczema and other allergic skin conditions or symptoms.

The red color that you will see in your eye, aside from the dilated blood vessels, will be as a result of the histamines and other chemicals that the mast cells in your eyes will release in response to the allergen you have been exposed to. These chemicals cause inflammation which gives the surface of the eye the red color. It is also these chemicals that cause the burning or itching sensation that tempts you to rub your eyes.

The purpose of the increased tear secretion is to try to wash the allergen out of the eye. This will be your eye’s reaction to any foreign object that is irritating the eye.

As with all cases of eye irritation, it is not a good idea to rub your eyes. That just aggravates the situation and will cause your eyes to react even more violently to the allergen. It is better to get a bit of relief through the use of a cold compress and cool water to wash your eyes out.

If you are one of the unfortunate people who does suffer from this reaction to allergens you most likely would like to do something about it. The first thing to do is try to figure out what is causing the reaction and then to eliminate it so that you can stop the recurrence of the problem. You can also use things like antihistamines and allergy injections to get short term relief. You do need to be sure that you consult with a doctor before you start taking things and trying out different relief techniques.

A lot of people suffer from eye allergies, you are not alone. There are ways to get relief, you just need to find the one that will work best for you. It may take a bit of trial and error, but I am sure that you will find something if you just keep looking and trying various things.

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