Do You Have A Cold Or An Allergy?

Cold or AllergyThough colds and allergies have some of the same symptoms, there is a vast difference between the two.

Colds are short term viral infections.  Typical symptoms include, congestion, stuffiness,  sneezing, congestion, a  runny nose as well as chills and an body aches.

A cold normally lasts 3 to 10 days and your symptoms gradually fade away.

Allergy symptoms are caused by a reaction from your immune system.  The immune system sees what it considers an invader (similar as it would see a germ) and it  tries to kill it.  In the process you experience symptoms that appear similar to a cold.

Allergy symptoms can last for weeks, months or for years. Whenever you contact the “allergen” by breathing it in or by touching it, your immune system keeps on working to get rid of it.

Allergies can be identified and treated. Depending on what you are allergic to (some people are allergic to dozens of different allergens) one or more BIE sessions can often help reduce the symptoms.

Here are two simple ways to tell if you have a cold or an allergy:

  • Colds last from three to seven days, then you get better.  Allergy symptoms are persistent and can last for months.
  • If you have a cold, nasal secretions are discolored and can get thick with a mucus consistency.  If you have an allergy, nasal secretions are watery and clear. You may feel a nasal “drip” down the back of your throat … irritating your throat and lungs.



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  1. Steve Coff says:

    A stuffy nose can become a serious nuisance. It can give you headache and difficulty in breathing. It can become a disturbance in your work even during your rest hours. It can also become a hindrance to your sleep.

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