The Most Common Fall Allergies

Come fall, while others are thinking about football, pumpkin pie, Halloween and are busy raking leaves, you may be in a world of misery.

You can get help to control your fall allergies.

Typical Late Summer and Fall Season Allergies

One of the main contributors to late summer and fall allergies is the ragweed plant.  Two or three plants can produce billions of pollen grains. Ragweed is now becoming a problem in BC, especially because some people consider it to be a wildflower!  A light wind can carry the  pollen grains up to 400 miles.

See how worrisome the BC and Canadian governments consider ragweed to be. 

Late summera and Fall AllergiesOther plants that cause allergic reactions are, goldenrod, curly dock, lamb’s quarters, pigweed, sheep sorrel, and sagebrush.

Outdoor molds are one of the most common fall season allergies.  Molds thrive in Vancouver’s rainy season.  They are common in soil, compost piles, and in the leaves that cover the ground during the fall. You can see mold growing on the sides of trees and on fences and walls.  Mold spores are common airborne allergens. They are light, very small, and easily inhaled into the lungs.

One of the biggest challenges with Fall Allergies is that many people don’t even know they are suffering from an allergy.  They think they are suffering from the sniffles or from cold symptoms.

I have one friend who has suffered from mold allergies ever since she moved to Vancouver from Alberta.  She didn’t know she had mold allergies and the doctors kept on prescribing antibiotics, which she refused to take.  Her symptoms included constant sniffles and red irritated eyes A nasal drip down the back of her throat had her constantly clearing her throat.   After 10 years of  misery, she now is symptom free!

Don’t Suffer in Silence

If your symptoms of sneezing, runny nose, or itchy and watery eyes get worse in the fall, you probably have an outdoor fall allergy. Eighty percent of people with seasonal allergies complain about these symptoms as well as problems with sleeping, being tired, having poor concentration, and decreased productivity at school or work.

Make your life a lot easier when it comes to either colds or allergies … give me a call (Wendy — 604-839-9789) to discuss the alternatives.


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