Pollen Forecast: Vancouver, British Columbia

The birds are singing, the flowers are blooming and the trees are growing new leaves. It is spring time and people all over Vancouver are groaning in anticipation of the allergic reactions that spring brings with it.

The pollen forecast in Vancouver has been provided by the weather network since 1993. Each and every single day samples of air are collected and analyzed for pollen content. The most common allergens are counted and this is the information that is released onto the website at specific times of day.

Of course, the pollen count is specific to a particular area and can only be an estimate of regions within that particular area. It can still help a great deal when it comes to taking precautions against allergic reactions. Over the years it has become apparent that the pollen count is highest in the morning so it is considered best to check the pollen count early on in the day so that you know what to expect for the rest of the day.

You cannot rely on the pollen prediction from yesterday to plan for today. Trees  produce pollen at different times of the year and will change from year to year and day to day as the environmental circumstances change. You need to check the pollen count each and every single day. You will need to figure out which trees’ pollen affects you the most and keep an eye on that specific tree’s pollen count.

The thing about allergic reactions is that if you know what you can expect then you can prepare for it and guard against it. There are a number of things that you can do to try to minimize your reaction to the pollen in the air. The most common tactic is to take antihistamines. These do work really well, but it is best not to have to rely on them to keep your sinuses clear and eyes free from the itchiness that an allergic reaction can cause. A lot of antihistamines tend to make you sleepy and this is not an ideal state to be in when you are going to be driving and working.

Another tactic is to stay indoors on the worst days. Be sure to wipe your pet down when they come in from their outdoor breaks … and be sure to take off your shoes and jacket so that you are not spreading pollen around your home.

Vancouver Pollen Forecast


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