Wendy Lind, BIE Allergy Practitioner


RAc Registered acupuncturist (*CTCMA of BC)
Registered BIE Practitioner

Wendy Lind has been a practitioner and participant in the health and wellness industry for over thirty years.

In 2011 Wendy witnessed first hand the effectiveness of the BIE approach.  She saw BIE as an effective extension of Acupuncture since BIE utilizes similar energy pathways for healing. Wendy obtained extensive training and was licensed by the Institute of Natural Health Technologies as a Registered BIE practioner.

“Though I have treated allergies all along in my Acupuncture practice, this gives me even more powerful tools to help those who suffer from allergies.


After suffering an accumulation of sports injuries over the years, Wendy could no longer run or ski.  She discovered the benefits of Traditional Chinese Medicine(TCM) and Acupuncture, first hand. A few acupuncture sessions changed her life by giving her the ability to lead an active lifestyle once again and by launching her new passion and a career in Acupuncture and other health oriented modalities.

Wendy graduated from the Oshio College of Herbology and Acupuncture in Victoria, BC in 2005 after completing an intensive four year training program. She has pursued additional specialties in acupuncture from the MeiZen Acupuncture System in Colorado and with Mary Elizabeth Wakefield, one of the leading proponents of facial renewal techniques in the world.


Wendy’s history as a fitness trainer and health professional give her a unique insight into the physical and emotional demands placed on us all every day. Her accumulation of training and experience enable her to help her clients establish the necessary balance in life for active and healthy living.


True health is more than just not feeling sick. It means that you are functioning at you highest level. Your body is in balance, your mind is alert and your spirit is calm. You have the energy you need to get the most out of each and every day. Every aspect of your body, mind, and spirit, is strong and balanced. Acupuncture sessions can help you achieve and maintain this level of wellness. ~ Wendy Lind